Friday, July 9, 2010

Mt. Aso Trip

I'm going on a trip to Mt. Aso this weekend!

There's a group of American high schoolers at Genki and they have a Mt. Aso trip today and tomorrow and I get to be one of the guides/counselors! So I get to go along! :)

We're gonna drive over (a couple hr drive I think), and go to a couple onsens, and eat dinner at good restaurants, and then visit Mt. Aso of course.

I'm suuuper excited for the onsens, though. So relaxing...

One of them is a completely natural onsen (so they don't filter the water around, it just comes up out of the ground) and is called the jigoku onsen which basically translates into "hell" onsen. I REALLY WANT TO GO.

I'll have pictures from this weekend getaway/extravaganza up later!

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L.Jav said...

I really wish I went to Aso during my first stay at Genki. Are you going to head out during Yamakasa again?