Friday, July 2, 2010


Ah! Finished my first week at Genki, schooling and working and all.

Managed to pick up a whole group of students at the airport today and bring them back to the school via buses and chikatetsu. I actually used the subway ONCE last year, so I was worried that I was probably going to take them ALL in the completely wrong direction, but it actually worked out fine. It was actually pretty fun to be out and about as part of my work :) ♪

Well, anyways, it's a Friday, so I went out...and DEARGODFUBEEZY...crazy. 懐かしい!

Such a great night, seeing everyone again and meeting new people! I was just in such a good mood the whole night.

SOME QUICK RECAPS (just recaps from tonight, I have so many other pictures from around Fukuoka that I also have to put up...hopefully, on Sunday I'll get to those)-

Rolly! That gold part of my hair is really intense here...

I mean, what're you gonna do, you know?


Ahhhh! Yukari~, Kaori! 久しぶり〜!

Yukari, 本当に久しぶり、ビックリした★

"I don't start shit, but I finish it." A tribute to the Alicia Keys of Fukuoka!

DJ Kenta doing his thing, played "Shut It Down", so.

Me, Kenta, and Rolly- pull it together?


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mske said...

OMFG! rolly, yukari, kenta...
im jealous ):