Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And Anything To Make You Smile

I wanted to put up some random "last 2 weeks in Fukuoka" pictures...

But for now.

Friday, October 15, 2010


What? Why would I ever leave Fukuoka...?

But, yes...LEAVING. PACKING. And by "packing", I mean throwing all my stuff on the ground and watching it all spread out over the floor of my room/apartment. It's 3:45 am the MORNING of my departure back to the States, and I'm about 20% packed. This could become a problem REALLY quickly. AKA, I'm worried about how all of this will fit into these tiny suitcases I have...

Had a great night tonight, though :) I love everyone here and I can't believe I'm leaving. I've learned so much, made SO MANY great friends, had so many cool experiences, had a great internship, and I just know I'll be back soon enough. It's been a great 4 months. Can't seem to stay away from Japan.

I have so many more photos to upload here. I've been really busy for my last 2 weeks, so it's been difficult to get those up, but once I'm back home, I'll def get those up.

ANYWAYS, had delicious coffee and DELICIOUS ramen with friends for my last night, got to create my own drink for everyone, got to dance until my legs hurt, got to do everything I wanted. Except pack. Haven't done that yet. Uh oh.

K, well BACK TO PACKING. Back to figuring out how I'm gonna get this SKATEBOARD back home (it doesn't fit in my luggage...). Back to wondering how I bought almost nothing this time around in Japan, yet I am surrounded by stuff that won't fit in my suitcases. Back to punishing myself for leaving this until the last minute.

I love FUKUOKA, I love everyone I've met here!!  It's been surreal. year かなぁ, tehe ☆

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bored At My Apartment

Went to have motsunabe (cow intestines and cabbage and stuff in a miso soup base) at Yamanaka...SO GOOD. SERIOUSLY. This stuff was delicious. Mochi and stuff in it, toooo. We were gonna get chanpon noodles added, but decided on RICE instead, yooo. Also just as delicious. I'm super 猫舌 though, and it took SO LONG for the rice mixture to cool down. Unfortunate moments there. I hope there are motsunabe places in LA? Maybe in Torrance? WHERE? Must be somewhere...

Anyways, that's over and now I'm bored at my apartment. I tried to get some movies to play on my laptop, but yappari I suck at everything internet and download-related. BAHHH! Must improve these skills. But tomorrow I'm heading to Kitakyushu--!! WOOOO!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Donki--, Costco, and a Perfect Day At Futamigaura Beach

Had one of the best days ever last Sunday. Had plans to go to Nagasaki, but then it literally rained on our parade, so we switched it up. Went to Donki (and saw those awesome 派手な Hello Kitty slippers that I've been wanting for a year) and spent an hour roaming through the fire-hazard that is every Don Quijote. Then on to Costco and got shmooshed and mauled by hungry & angry sample-stealers, hahaha. After that, off to Futamigaura Beach to watch the ocean and have wine & cheese and laugh with friends. I don't know what it was, but Japan looked so beautiful on Sunday.