Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bored At My Apartment

Went to have motsunabe (cow intestines and cabbage and stuff in a miso soup base) at Yamanaka...SO GOOD. SERIOUSLY. This stuff was delicious. Mochi and stuff in it, toooo. We were gonna get chanpon noodles added, but decided on RICE instead, yooo. Also just as delicious. I'm super 猫舌 though, and it took SO LONG for the rice mixture to cool down. Unfortunate moments there. I hope there are motsunabe places in LA? Maybe in Torrance? WHERE? Must be somewhere...

Anyways, that's over and now I'm bored at my apartment. I tried to get some movies to play on my laptop, but yappari I suck at everything internet and download-related. BAHHH! Must improve these skills. But tomorrow I'm heading to Kitakyushu--!! WOOOO!

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