Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Going to Daiei to get my Japan jersey (found a bootleg location for wayyy cheaper) and then HEADING OUT TO WATCH THE GAME! ★

Started out my internship at Genki and everything's going well, classes going well :)

My nametag for when I'm doing interning work-

I have pictures of various things/activities that I've been doing and I'll put those up later!

♪ Florence & The Machine- Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Safely Made It- To RAINY and HUMID Fukuoka

WHY HELLO THERE ★ I actually made it to Fukuoka!

It`s raining and tsuyu season is def here and going strong.
And this rain is bringing some humidity down with it.
The only part of my hair that is not reacting to the water and humidity is the shaved part of my head. Great...
Tahahaa, but to be honest, it`s actually not that bad :) ♪♪


Anyways, right after I dropped my stuff off at my apartment on Friday (straight from the airport), went out with one of my friends Kenta (there`s two Kentas, haha) to this legit udon shop.
Maybe I`m easily impressed, maybe I just love udon- but this place was seriously good.

I`ve been watching the games here at the apartment,


NEXT, Japan vs. Paraguay! I`m torn because I love Paraguay, but I`m going with Japan on this one.

I looked around for this jersey today and turns out it costs about the equivalent to $100. I`m saving up for it!


Thursday, June 24, 2010


OK, so I guess this is where my Japanese adventures begin and I've already been stranded.
I was supposed to fly from LAX to Narita (Tokyo) and then had a 1 hour layover before I flew down to Fukuoka.

Well, United Airlines sucks the major and we all ended up sitting in the plane for 2.5 hours before it took off! So...that means...I missed my connection flight, haha.
Well, we eventually ended up taking off and it was bye bye sweet LA :(
But I think I love Japan with the other half of my heart, so it's not so bad ☆
12 hours later, I'm in Tokyo, picking up my luggage, dealing with the 16 hour time difference, and being told that since I missed the connection flight, I would be shuttled off to a nearby hotel to wait til morning when my rescheduled Fukuoka flight will leave.
So, I'm just gonna sleep at this hotel in Tokyo ★★ until tmrw morning for my flight to the REALLL JAPAN- aka fukuokamocha!

Called the landlady at my apartment in Fukuoka to tell her not to worry and it felt good to be using my Japanese in a real-life situation. It's been so long! Oh, how I seriously love Japan.

Already went to a Lawson's (hahaa) and I feel right at home. Got my milk tea and my pre-made sandwiches with no crust. You know, the ミックスサンド type sich :) ♪♪

Oh, AND it's NOT RAINING and it's NOT THAT HUMID. For some reason? Don't worry...tsuyu season is coming REEALLLL soon. I feel like I was bitching a lot about the humidity to friends before I left, and I showed up at Tokyo and was like...oh...well...it's def a nice breezy temperature. Haha, MY BAD.

Even in this stranded situation in Tokyo, I already feel at home...It's gonna be a good 4 months, taaaa!

P.S. Thanks to lezfriend/aigo/faceface, Allie, who dropped me off at LAX yesterday :) shmeeesh to the shmosh?

Monday, June 21, 2010


If I said, "Do you need me?" would you say, "YEAAHH-OHH"?

Went to Akanishi's concert at Club Nokia on Saturday!
Oh jeeez, you're something to see. It was amazing!
Just had a good time :)

I love Akanishi...it's a guilty pleasure, but then again...not really. I'm totally cool with it.
Seriously, though, lean mean fighting machine.

You know my name, but are you feelin' me?
I'm liking the way you move.
Love the way you got me feelin' it,
Moving to the beat with you.

Mannn, I love LA.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Said Baby, The Sun Is Bright, I Need My Sunglasses

Look at these fine ladies! ☆
So good to know Miley never fails to get me amped up, hahah :)

Anyways, JUST finished all required finals and testing today (home free!) and I was thinking...I leave for Fukuoka in 4 days. Whada? FINALS MADE TIME FLY BY...weirdly enough.

I'm not packed, I haven't even LOOKED for my passport, haven't printed out all my documents, haven't really thought about it. And now it's REALLY SOON. But now I'm getting excited. I was looking through old Fukuoka photos...

But FIRST, I have the Akanishi concert tomorrow (Saturday), a couple plays with my mama on Sunday, haircuts on Monday with the baby sister, packing on Tuesday...and then 12 hours of flying to Narita and then Fukuoka (and by 12 hours, I mean 14).

Oh wow...so soon, though, seriously.

♪ Ezra Furman & The Harpoons- Take Off Your Sunglasses

Monday, June 14, 2010

But I Like It, I Love It

Wasssssup, wassup, wassup, wassup, wassup...

West Hollywood, waiting for Pride

I can't believe I'm leaving for Fukuoka in a week...

♪Wild Sweet Orange- 10 Dead Dogs

Saturday, June 12, 2010

If You're Feelin' Uncomfortable

If you're feelin' uncomfortable,
You can exit where you entered, baby,
That's for sure.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

GD GD Baby Baby

Whutttuppp! Shaved the side of my head, taaaa ☆
And if I put my hair down, it's completely covered up. It's a 2 way wonder and I love it.

I didn't have a 4th photo to put in that 4th panel, WHOOPS.

Also voted today! I hope everyone else did, too.
YES on 13
NO on 14, 15, 16, 17

♪ G-Dragon- The Leaders

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Still The Wanting Comes In Waves

Went to the Blood is the New Black party thaang in LA and it was pretty legit. It actually was pretty fun, haha.
We smiled in this photo...apparently, most people don't. HAH, not privy to this kind of vital information.

The other ones were shlawllrong on my part, so...let's leave those be. FOR SERIOUS, though.

♪ The Decemberists- The Wanting Comes In Waves/Repaid

Friday, June 4, 2010


1. Yellowbrite Smile by Yoav- I am obsessed with this song. SHMEEEEEESH SHMOSH. Makes me feel good and makes me think. I was feeling kinda sleepy driving down the 110 yesterday, but then I rolled down my windows and put this song on. I woke up so quickly. Everything seemed right :) 

So my point is, I love this song. I think you need to listen to it like 3x in a row to really get into it. RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT?

And they go, "Everything's cool my friends,
Why don't you carry on like nothing is happening?
Why don't you, heyah, carry on sleepwalking now now now?
Heyah, carry on sleeptalking?"
Happy is a yellowbrite smile,
Nobody's home.
I can't get it off of my face.
It's starting to ache,
And I'm never alone.

2. ALSO, you should def listen to Solitude is Bliss by Tame Impala. This and Yellowbrite Smile have been added to my driving playlist, but it's more of a me replaying these two songs over and over again type situation. Hmmm...I wish I went to Coachella again this year...Anyways, the "You will never come close to how I feel" part that is repeated, AGH it kills me, I love it so much, haha. And this song is not about love, so stop thinking that now. STOP IT. NOWWW.

There's a party in my head,
And no one is invited.
And you will never come close to how I feel.

3. SO ON MORE OF A GIRLY I LOVE JAPANESE POP SONGS NOTE! This really has nothing to do with my general taste in music (no you're right, I love this stuff), but REGARDLESS...I would just like to declare that I'm really into BIGBANG's new song Tell Me Goodbye, haha. They're Korean, but this song is in Japanese. I think I love G-Dragon? What's going on? Who said that?

Girl, you know, キミのことを一秒でも、

♪ Yoav- Yellowbrite Smile
♪ Tame Impala- Solitude Is Bliss
♪ BIGBANG- Tell Me Goodbye

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Leave All Your Love & Your Longing Behind

So I've been hanging out with lezfriend iago like everyday, and this is a summary of one day, haha. So many new places that I love, jeeeez.

As in anyways, the diamond in the rough that is lemon frog shop on Alvarado and Sunset. I've been driving past it on the days my sister and I have shuuji class in downtown. But it's really great and the owner is really sweet. There's a customer appreciation treasure chest where you...MAYBE YOU SHOULD GO AND FIND OUT :)

And then much more. But seriously, I had an iced coffee at around 5 pm and that was a terrible decision, bahahaa.

Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father.
Run for your children, all your sisters and brothers.
Leave all your love and your longing behind,
You can't carry it with you if you want to survive.

♪ Florence &The Machine- Dog Days Are Over