Thursday, June 24, 2010


OK, so I guess this is where my Japanese adventures begin and I've already been stranded.
I was supposed to fly from LAX to Narita (Tokyo) and then had a 1 hour layover before I flew down to Fukuoka.

Well, United Airlines sucks the major and we all ended up sitting in the plane for 2.5 hours before it took off! So...that means...I missed my connection flight, haha.
Well, we eventually ended up taking off and it was bye bye sweet LA :(
But I think I love Japan with the other half of my heart, so it's not so bad ☆
12 hours later, I'm in Tokyo, picking up my luggage, dealing with the 16 hour time difference, and being told that since I missed the connection flight, I would be shuttled off to a nearby hotel to wait til morning when my rescheduled Fukuoka flight will leave.
So, I'm just gonna sleep at this hotel in Tokyo ★★ until tmrw morning for my flight to the REALLL JAPAN- aka fukuokamocha!

Called the landlady at my apartment in Fukuoka to tell her not to worry and it felt good to be using my Japanese in a real-life situation. It's been so long! Oh, how I seriously love Japan.

Already went to a Lawson's (hahaa) and I feel right at home. Got my milk tea and my pre-made sandwiches with no crust. You know, the ミックスサンド type sich :) ♪♪

Oh, AND it's NOT RAINING and it's NOT THAT HUMID. For some reason? Don't worry...tsuyu season is coming REEALLLL soon. I feel like I was bitching a lot about the humidity to friends before I left, and I showed up at Tokyo and was's def a nice breezy temperature. Haha, MY BAD.

Even in this stranded situation in Tokyo, I already feel at home...It's gonna be a good 4 months, taaaa!

P.S. Thanks to lezfriend/aigo/faceface, Allie, who dropped me off at LAX yesterday :) shmeeesh to the shmosh?


L.Jav said...

Curse you!!

ejcasey said...

Do you know that there is a Royal Milk Tea shortage in the US? I'm not making this up - I went to a store 3 hours from my house only to have the storekeeper tell me it's getting near impossible to get stateside!

Hitomi said...


I'm sorry for the 大変 lack-of-milk-tea times you are going through :(