Friday, June 4, 2010


1. Yellowbrite Smile by Yoav- I am obsessed with this song. SHMEEEEEESH SHMOSH. Makes me feel good and makes me think. I was feeling kinda sleepy driving down the 110 yesterday, but then I rolled down my windows and put this song on. I woke up so quickly. Everything seemed right :) 

So my point is, I love this song. I think you need to listen to it like 3x in a row to really get into it. RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT?

And they go, "Everything's cool my friends,
Why don't you carry on like nothing is happening?
Why don't you, heyah, carry on sleepwalking now now now?
Heyah, carry on sleeptalking?"
Happy is a yellowbrite smile,
Nobody's home.
I can't get it off of my face.
It's starting to ache,
And I'm never alone.

2. ALSO, you should def listen to Solitude is Bliss by Tame Impala. This and Yellowbrite Smile have been added to my driving playlist, but it's more of a me replaying these two songs over and over again type situation. Hmmm...I wish I went to Coachella again this year...Anyways, the "You will never come close to how I feel" part that is repeated, AGH it kills me, I love it so much, haha. And this song is not about love, so stop thinking that now. STOP IT. NOWWW.

There's a party in my head,
And no one is invited.
And you will never come close to how I feel.

3. SO ON MORE OF A GIRLY I LOVE JAPANESE POP SONGS NOTE! This really has nothing to do with my general taste in music (no you're right, I love this stuff), but REGARDLESS...I would just like to declare that I'm really into BIGBANG's new song Tell Me Goodbye, haha. They're Korean, but this song is in Japanese. I think I love G-Dragon? What's going on? Who said that?

Girl, you know, キミのことを一秒でも、

♪ Yoav- Yellowbrite Smile
♪ Tame Impala- Solitude Is Bliss
♪ BIGBANG- Tell Me Goodbye

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Rebecca said...

ohmygoodness i am so proud of you right now. BIGBANG hahahahah i love taeyang the best<3 and i love that they're singing in japaense, sounds so pretty!

p.s. i love those other songs!!