Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Said Baby, The Sun Is Bright, I Need My Sunglasses

Look at these fine ladies! ☆
So good to know Miley never fails to get me amped up, hahah :)

Anyways, JUST finished all required finals and testing today (home free!) and I was thinking...I leave for Fukuoka in 4 days. Whada? FINALS MADE TIME FLY BY...weirdly enough.

I'm not packed, I haven't even LOOKED for my passport, haven't printed out all my documents, haven't really thought about it. And now it's REALLY SOON. But now I'm getting excited. I was looking through old Fukuoka photos...

But FIRST, I have the Akanishi concert tomorrow (Saturday), a couple plays with my mama on Sunday, haircuts on Monday with the baby sister, packing on Tuesday...and then 12 hours of flying to Narita and then Fukuoka (and by 12 hours, I mean 14).

Oh soon, though, seriously.

♪ Ezra Furman & The Harpoons- Take Off Your Sunglasses


Rebecca said...

love it. don't leaveeee :(

kazu2008 said...

Hi nice to meet you. Let's study together.