Saturday, July 24, 2010

やばい ★ やばい ★ やばい

Went to a really delicious and cheap izakaya in Daimyo with Yukari on Friday. We ate to our heart's content, had some wine, and then headed off to karaoke! So much fun! But of course, if it's ACB Karaoke, it's always gonna be amazing. The staff there is so nice :)

Then I headed off for the night (above photos) and had a RRREAAALLL good time. I feel like everyone was there last night. Had a really good time is what I'M TRYING TO SAY. And I heard "Club Can't Handle Me Now" and SO MUCH PITBULL so I mean...what else could make that better, right?

Plans for the rest of the weekend
Saturday- Club OD to see Kenta do his thaaaang in the DJ booth, haha!
Sunday- FINALLY make the trip over to Dazaifu Temple. I went last year, but it's really beautiful so it's worth it to go again. And I can get all sorts of wonderful omiyage for my family. And take pictures of housing.

Plans for today before OD- GO EAT at that nearby ramen shop (15 second walk from my apartment, AH the beauty) that I found when walking home the other day. RAMEN RAMEN RAMEN, why do I love you so? Maybe because you're DELICIOUS. Well, if they sell udon there, I might get that instead, though. And I saw they sell gyoza there, too, and my MAIN SIDE DISH is gyoza so...どうしよう?Gyoza & Ramen or Gyoza & Udon?

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