Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Have The World's Tiniest Umbrella Now

OK, time to catch up on some photos!

But first, I would just like to quickly say that, it's tsuyu season in Japan right now, so it's pretty much raining EVERY DAY. And THERE IS HUMIDITY. Nothing to be done but endure it, though, haha.

SO my point is...because it rains all the time, almost everyone here carries an umbrella. A clear umbrella.  What I'm trying to say is everyone has a clear umbrella. Probably because they're the cheapest because I, too, have a clear umbrella. BUT, IT KEEPS GETTING STOLEN.

I bought a decent sized one, and basically in front of almost every restaurant/book store/etc. there's a little place to put your umbrellas before you enter. Whenever I come back, MINE IS GONE. So I have to take someone else's. You see, I actually have my name written on mine, but that does NOTHING. People are ruthless.

So I just take another random clear one, and just my luck...Last night, it starts pouring and I open up my freshly stolen umbrella. And it's actually the size of a child's umbrella. It did little to nothing to keep me dry from the rain that seemed to be coming from every direction possible. Well, I mean, considering it's so hot, though, the rain does actually feel good.


My futon in my room (with my little fan, aka my BFF), all the sliding doors out of my room, and my folded up futon (gotta put it away every morning)

I'm actually 0% sure what's going on here, but this is in my apartment.

Mmmm IKURA. So delicious.

In this magazine I bought, they had a section for WHAT TO WEAR IF YOU HAVE A BIG HEAD. 

Ran into Hiroki!

Mmm got some ramen at a yatai (ramen street stalls)...SO delicious and pretty cheap.

Lanterns set up in Tenjin around Iwataya and Solaria Plaza!


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