Friday, July 30, 2010

Mentai Wide!!

Got interviewed for the FBS street interview show "Mentai Wide"!

It was actually really fun, talked about all sorts of things from shuuji to okonomiyaki to Japanese toilets. Chin-nen, the awesome interviewer, and I even did a host club role play type thing. I'm actually not quite sure how we got to that point, but the main thing is that it was really fun.
I think it airs this coming Tuesday? I don't know...THINGS I MUST KNOW.

Bee tee dubs, I started feeling better and went to work/school on Wednesday and Thursday, but MY COUGH IS BACK NOW. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? Anyways, I'm thinking it would be nice if I'm back to 100% by Monday. 

Also, if you ever see anything called Spirytus, RUN.

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ejcasey said...

"Host club role play" requires explanation. Or maybe not.