Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mt. Aso Trip Part 1

So I went to Mt. Aso as a guide thing for a weekend trip!

I took MANY MANY pictures, but I'll just narrow it down to ONNEEE MILLION.

No, jk I'll just put some in two different posts. The first set (this post) is

  • getting to Kumamoto, 
  • making soba noodles, 
  • driving up to Mt. Aso, 
  • failing to see Mt. Aso (we saw it on the 2nd day), 
  • the two onsens (hot springs) we went to, 
  • all the rain and green and nature, etc.

It was a really relaxing, awesome weekend :)

I have pictures of Kumamoto castle and a GROUP picture of all of us on Mt. Aso! That's for Part 2 of this photo spree, though.

I ate basashi (raw horse sashimi) on this trip, but it didn't taste as good as the kind I had last year...Kumamoto is famous for basashi, too...

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mandy said...

i miss u! this looks like so muchos fckn funos!