Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ARASHI, Yakiniku, Sushi, No Rain?

Arashi! New music videoo :)
Aiba-chann ☆
Does Nino look like a weirdo in this one...? Or is it just me? Beehive head?

Also, it DIDN'T rain today! WHAT? Why? How? I saw the blue sky today!
Not complaining, though. It was actually perfect because sometime yesterday or today (I really just don't know) my umbrella got stolen (AGAIN).

Anyways, on to FOOD. Which is actually just one of the most important things when it comes to me being in Japan. I really love food and all kinds of food. And Japan has the best of it. 

There are seriously not enough hours in a day for me to eat all the different food I want to eat here. Just walking through Daimyo makes me want to eat 10x a day because there are little food shops and stalls EVERYWHERE just selling all the most delicious things. I only have pictures of yakiniku and sushi right now, but both of those are still tasty so I'm putting them up.

Yakiniku at HACHI HACHI in Akasakaaa-

Kaitenzushi! Seriously...one plate (with two pieces of sushi) for 100 yen. My plates STACK UP here. I try to put them in two piles to make it look like less, but that never works and in the end I just make one massive tower. I really love sushi and sashimi. And for so cheap?! It's a dream.

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mandy said...

its our thing (: ooh hyaku en sushi how i miss thee.