Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TYPHOON and my little friend

Typhoon hitting Fukuoka today and tomorrow. It's VERY windy and the rain is gonna get worse. But, I'm cool with it I guess...Just gotta type my hair up and get an umbrella made of steel.

Meet my little friend. I always see him super late at night right next to my apartment when all the construction workers come out to work on the street. Is he sleeping? Sleeping on the job?

Last also, I went to MAMI's yakiniku place in Daimyo with some friends last night!! So funny to see Mami out of Fubar, haha. So cute! And SUCH DELICIOUS YAKINIKU. And really pretty cheap (only ¥1400), plus Mami brought us a "service" of this really good sushi with some thinly sliced raw meat on it. It was all really delicious. Mmmm...

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