Friday, August 6, 2010

Eggs, Shaved Head, Daimyo

Ahh...have you heard of these 「半熟卵」? They are so tasty! They're "soft-boiled" apparently, and it's on a lot of Japanese food and since I really like eggs, this is excellent that I now know what they are called. You can even buy them in packs of 4 from the supermarket. I love them on all my food...
Also, FINALLY got my hair re-shaved on the side of my head. I've been in Japan for about 1.5 months so far, and it was all just growing back and looked like normal hair and got boring. 
So I went to this place one of my teachers recommended in Daimyo. SUCH A COOL HAIR PLACE. Really legit-i-mate...! PLUS, they did the shaving thing, wash & shampoo, and everything for ¥1000 (basically $10) and you don't tip in Japan, so it really all was only $10. I have a point card there now, haha, so I'm going BACK. 
The people were all really nice and awesome and have forced me to fall in love with this place.
And ALSO, Daimyo is just the coolest place ever.
Prime example, camels-

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