Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shuuji/Nanzoin Temple Day In IIZUKA

Shitama-san took me to his hometown, Iizuka, this past Saturday to practice shuuji at a shuuji doujou!! During the car ride (into the AMAZING COUNTRYSIDE that is Iizuka), I told him I loved Japanese temples and shrines and countryside, and he decided to also take me around Nanzoin Temple (pictures below, amazing). Shitama-san's 16 year old nephew (Yuuki) watched over me as I did shuuji and I tried to get him to practice his English with me (but I was the first American he'd ever talked to and he got shy with English). Nanzoin was BEAUTIFUL, by the way. Minus the incredible heat, I would be so down to live there. Or at least live in Iizuka. Or next to that massive Buddha.

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本当にきれい - 行くたい。