Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1st FIREWORKS at Ohori Kouen

Went to the August 1st fireworks at Ohori Kouen tonight. SO AMAZING!! Seriously, SO MANY PEOPLE. Like thousands of thousands type a lot of people. AND SO MANY FIREWORKS. They went on for way over and hour, just amazing. Really makes me wish I had a yukata, though- Everyone was wearing one. By the way, doesn't the second picture look like everything's on fire? WHAT?! Can I get a what what?
Then afterwards to all the food stands for all SORTS of delicious experiences for my taste buds. Really not the healthiest food in Japan, but when it's so tasty what else is there to do but eat LOTS OF IT? Right? Am I right?
^ the picture above is me with some strange okonomiyaki-type thing rolled onto a stick. There was also an egg on top of it. It was really bready, but really good. Considering I love okonomiyaki so much, I wanted like 5 of these things.

On the walk back home, got COMPLETELY LOST somehow...Even though Ohori Kouen is like 5 minutes from my apartment. I ended up in Ropponmatsu and had to to take the subway 5 stops to get back to Tenjin...WHOOPS.

Tehe, BUT I got to see the interesting sight that is a Starbucks filled with people wearing yukatas.

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