Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Cool Dude & A Whole Bunch Of New Opportunities

I came home to my apartment today to find my roommate and one of his friends setting up wireless internet. My roommate's friend was this really nice, middle-aged dude and we ended up talking about all sorts of things from cultural anthropology to the different sizes of pizzas in Japan & the U.S.

I guess I don't even have to say that when the conversation got too difficult, I did more listening than talking, but I picked up a lot of new words from it. Like 「偽造する」which means "to forge" and 「殺菌」for "sterilization". I don't think I'll be using "sterilization" in any conversations anytime soon, but I mean, "to forge"...that's actually kind of useful when you think about it.

REGARDLESS, his sister is actually a shuuji teacher out in the middle of the countryside (Iizuka) and I told him that I do shuuji and everything and he offered to take me out there to try practicing shuuji with his sister! He called her and we have a date for it set and everything. So awesome. Also, apparently, one of his friend's husbands does all sort of lantern/shoji screen making and he's planning to talk to his friend so I can go over and watch him.

I'm actually really excited about the shuuji, though. To be able to go out to the countryside (which I've only been to 2-3 times here in Japan) and meet all sorts of new people.

All so exciting and just a good conversational night :)

Plus, I had pizza for the first time in a LONG TIME. It was actually quite good...
PizzaLA would take 50 minutes to deliver, so we got PizzaCOCO instead. First time I had cheese-filled crust...

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