Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Night, Out & About

Went to Shikanoshima Beach to light off hanabi!! Weird how high those baby hanabi can get...the cans they come in are so tiny. Took a dip in the ocean afterwards, soooo refreshing. Got nanpa'd on. Went to a little boat/shack "hot dog" stand and I got a mentaiko hot dog :):) SO MUCH LOVE IN ONE HOT DOG. Drove up a mountain, past the love hotel, and saw an amazing view of Fukuoka. (I wanted to see the wild boars, but COULDN'T FIND ANY.) Oh, and we also drove down a Mario Kart highway. It's Japan, they have freeways straight out of Mario Kart...
OH, and there were all these cool little bugs flying around the hot dog stand! That mantis was walking around like a drunk boxer, seriously.

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