Monday, September 27, 2010

Suibokuga in Kurume

Went to see suibokuga (Japanese ink paintings) being done in Kurume (about an hour from Fukuoka). Shitama-san took me again this time. (連れて行ってくれてありがとうございます!)
It was really incredible to see this amazing painting grow before my eyes. The materials for suibokuga are the same as shuuji...I'm thinking it might be cool to try suibokuga when I get back home. Already have all the basic materials :) I don't know...this guy inspired me to try something new. It was seriously an amazing thing to watch. Everyone was just quietly watching and there was super calm, traditional Japanese music playing in the background and it was really refreshing.  I also spoke with a man who makes really cool Japanese lanterns. He spent 6 years training in Kyoto and is now making lanterns in Kurume. Also, the building this place was in...I want to live there. A good, refreshing day. I need more days like this :)



Writing his name in

Pressing the hanko on

Dragonfly :) He did this with a tiny shuuji brush!

More works

My new home

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