Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stars Hide Your Fires

Such a nice, beautiful, breezy day today! FINALLY. The humidity is almost gone and it's been cooling down :) Almost feels like California. Anyways, had a major food party at my apartment last night (AMAZING SPANISH FOOD) and everyone ate and drank heartily. I got a good night's rest after getting almost no sleep the night before. And thennn...I decided to do some shrine viewing :) So I walked over to Kushida Shrine. I love Japanese temples and shrines. You can just calm down and think. Afterwards, went to Daimyo to finally buy this awesome cardigan I've been wanting (not pictured, tehe WHOOPS). A good day ♡ But does anyone else think the vending machines everywhere at the shrine...I mean, kinda weird/strange/out of place?

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