Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sicky Sick Round 2

Ah to be sick in a foreign country. Away from my doctor mom. And with no international insurance. But, enough complaining...
JK more complaining. If only this COUGH would let me SLEEP A LITTLE, I wouldn't mind it too much. We all get sick, but if only I could SLEEP :(
Only left my apartment for a little on Friday to get some documents from school and to help out with the Mentai Wide (tv show) staff that was filming some things. I haven't been to school/work since WEDNESDAY...I really need to get cured. ANY IDEAS/ADVICE, ANYONE?
So I've just been reading and catching up on Dexter Season 3 online. Wanted to watch some T-BLOOOD, but there's a 2 WEEK gap before the season finale! Do you know how frantically I was searching online on Monday (after it airs in the US, time difference) for the season finale?! Then awkwardly realized I had another week? I guess it means I can watch it in Korea, though :)

Heading to Pusan, Korea on Monday and I'll be back on Tuesday. Wish me luck ♥

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