Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Number two on the list of REASONS TO BECOME VERY WEALTHY.

Number one being so I can buy all the delicious food in the world and become obese. Well, number one is actually so I can just travel around the world for my entire life, but EATING ALL THE FOOD OF THE WORLD goes along with traveling everywhere and is basically 50% of the experience.

Eating delicious food is always number one on my list. (Honestly, I am easily impressed by food, though, so many many things are delicious to me.)

But NUMBER TWO is so I can walk into stores like Free People and buy all these little things. I really only have like three or four favorite stores and they're all just a LITTLE BIT above my price range. I do not care for designer stuff. Too much of a waste of money. But I CARE FOR FREE PEOPLE.

And WHAT IS GOING ON AT 0:19?! So pretty and amazing :) AM I RIGHT?!

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