Monday, April 4, 2011

My Desk :) day I decided to get rid of my bed and get a futon instead. MEANING...I basically sleep on the ground and fold this thing up "every" morning. Once I started sleeping on the ground, my previous desk started looking REALLY tall and I was thinking, "HEY, this thing is very large. I should get rid of it and replace it with a nice low desk so I can sit on the ground instead." So I got rid of my desk. And never got that nice, new low one.

PROBLEM IS, I use Skype a lot and I have NOWHERE TO PUT MY LAPTOP. So I have fashioned this pile of books and shoeboxes to put my laptop on. I have used this "desk" for the past 6 months or so and I am coming to the realization that the longer I use this pile of whatever and accept it, the more and more ghetto my room is becoming. Bahahah WHAT? WHY?

This is what it looks like. I LOVE PRETZELS so there is a bowl of pretzels and some water up there. Usually there is a laptop on top. I must say, is VERY STURDY despite looking like it's about to all topple over.

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