Sunday, April 3, 2011


I am gearing up for Appreciation at Anthro, becaaauuuseeeee...I can't afford anything unless it's during Appreciation. It's Appreciation at Urban right now, though, and THAT is PLEASING. Minus the Urban that I work right next to is SHOOPAH SHTINY. Vat is even more exciting is that Appreciation for Anthro is happening while I am in Oregon. Which means I actually get my FULL DISCOUNT because I don't have to pay 10% tax like I pay HERE in the STATE OF CALIFORNIA. NO SALES TAX IN OREGON! :D How wonderful is that?! :)
Blousy Tie Button-Up
Brushed Trouser Shorts
Tayrona Necklace
Heat Index Pullover
Lace Henley Blouse
Light On Petals Cami
Spellbound Maxi Dress
Zebra Collage Tee

And...situations I am worried about...
Calculating Cardigan



Nicholas said...

can't wait to see you:]<3

Rebecca said...

can i be appreciated as a guest of honor too?