Saturday, January 15, 2011


Was reading through LA Weekly and saw something about a crazy "dark comedy" Greek film called Dogtooth that was finally being shown in LA, but only for a week. It was (slash maybe still is?) playing at the Cinefamily Silent Movie Theater (corner of Fairfax & Melrose) which is a really cool thing they have going on over there. They seem to have a lot of showings and interviews and interesting little performances that I am now down to go to.

ANYWAYS, they warned me about the movie when they talked about its "dangerous freaky-deakiness" and "hyper-stylized, intoxicating mixture of physical violence and verbal comedy"...but I did not realize how INTENSE and STRANGE and, um, MESSED UP this movie was until I saw it. Definitely worth seeing, though. So to everyone that wants to sort of lose their minds for about 90 minutes, I recommend this one :)

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