Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pacific Design Center

Went to the Pacific Design Center on Melrose today. ACTUALLY went there for the MOCA exhibit type situation that I thought was going on there, but that turned out to be a tiny square building right outside the PDC. Soooo I went to the MOCA whatsit which was (kind of) interesting and then entered the crazy colored buildings which were puhhhhreeetty AMAZING! Walked around, took in some crazy designs. Watched as they were working on the RED BUILDING that's coming soon. They had sketches for the red building and that thing is gonna be HUGE.
DID I MENTION, this is situated in a very amazing Melrose/Santa Monica Blvd/Sunset type location that I use as my main motivation to make lots of money in the future. AKA I want to live somewhere in that area. Can I go back tomorrow? Oh, and these pictures are all from Google Images...for some reason I can never get a whole structure in my camera. I tell myself that I don't want to cross the street to take a picture and then I regret it later, haha, WHOOPS.

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