Saturday, January 22, 2011

Los Angeles Art Show!

Wasssaaaaa! Went to the LA Art Show at the Convention Center yesterday and it was puhrreaatty neat. There are tons of exhibitions in all these booths from all kinds of artists from all kinds of places. Lots of work from China and Korea. I found some of my favorites and posted them down below, ya hurrr.
 Charles Pfahl "Revolution
 David Bromley "Megan"
 Emily Mason "Border Crossing"
 Jimi Gleason "Descendant"
 Joe Goode "Pollution R-4"
 John Deng "Alive"
 John Deng "Random #6-10"
 Kurt Hutton "Fun Fair"
 Kyungmi Shin "War Cut"
 Kyungmi Shin "War Cut" Closeup
 Nick Veasey "Bus"
 Peter Clark "Head in a Spin"
 Romare Bearden "All That You Are"
 Timothy Shmitz "Untitled"
Timothy Shmitz "Untitled"

My FAVORITE favorite, though, I couldn't find online...buzzkill. Should have bought it- were I $12,000 richer.

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