Friday, April 23, 2010

FUKUOKA this SUMMER & FALL (4 monthzies)


Just bought plane tickets for my trip to Fukuoka this summer/fall!

I'm leaving June 23rd and coming back October 16th. (Almost FOUR MONTHS of a life worth loving and living!)


School everyday and internship work to do, so I'll be pretty busy. Even with all that, though, I'll still have so much free time to live life wonderfully in fukuokamocha.


P.S. I'll be using this blog to write about my daily life and adventures and fun times and life-loving times once I get there. Sort of like I did with my last blog from my last extended stay in Japan.

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L.Javelle said...

You better choose songs quickly for Karaoke, or I'll appear one day and create the entire playlist!!