Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fukuoka & Sixy Flagzies

In the new issue of Brutus, Fukuoka (mahhh town!) was named the best city in all of Japan. Tokyo being second. YES! ;) Can't wait to go back all summer long long. Plus, there's a whole bunch of listings of "best cafe", "best sushi", "best order made shirt", etc. and I haven't been to all the things listed so I'm def gonna check out everything. High five for good times around the bend.

Also, went to Six Flags the other day and had a blast. BUT WHY ARE THE LINES SO LONG? I almost cried about 8 million times as I watched people with fast passes scoot into the front row of roller coasters after I waited more than an hour to be in the front. But then again, I'd rather wait than pay extra for fast passes. As in I want to spend my money on other things, hah. OH, and why is Riddler's so fun at night? Someone answer me.

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