Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Anything You Hear Is There, You Know, It's All There"

OK, I am 50% sure I've already posted this. Or maybe I was about to- wrote the whole thing and everything- and then saved it as a draft instead. I DON'T REMEMBER. So I'm just gonna put it up NOW. Because the video never bores me and I love it and I love John Lennon and I love The Beatles. You should enjoy this, too.
And there's many ways of promoting peace. Do everything for peace- piss for peace or smile for peace or go to school for peace or don't go to school for peace. Whatever you do, just do it for peace, you know. It's up to the people. You can't blame it on the government and say, "They're doing this, they- oh- they're gonna put us into war." We put 'em there and we allow it. You know, and we can change it. If we really wanna change it, we can change it.

Anything you hear is there, you know. It's all there. Either trivia or profound whatever. It's all there, you know. The same as in a flower. Everything's there. You know, it just is, and if you look long enough all answers are in it, you know. Same with the music.

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