Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jeez, You're Something To See

I saw these photos on fashiontoast's blog from Japan and well...
I miss it, and I'm excited to finally be going back ☆

Maybe I should live in Japan after I graduate.
But then again, I don't like seasons. We should really all experience tsuyu season humidity in Japan once in our lives. Weirdly enough, it still didn't get me down, though.

I spend way too much time trying to get しゃべくり007 to play on my computer.

I know this is Tokyo Tower and I'm not gonna be in Tokyo...but it's still a good photo ☆

♪ Citay- Careful With That Hat


L.Javelle said...

How can you not like seasons? They are awesome! Without them, the days would just blend together.

浩平 said...