Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back to Japan Again- INTERNSHIP THIS SUMMER! (Oh, and some Akanishi)

So this summer, around June 20th, I'll be leaving again for Fukuoka, Japan (the best place on Earth?) to intern at a language school!

It's the same place I was studying at last summer/fall for 4 months and I'm supz excited. Gonna get my Japanese on. Going back to my roots/my hometown/my future living location.

School in the U.S. starts August 30th so I'll be coming back from Japan around August 28th (14 hour jet lag will be eating up my sleeping pattern but that's OK). --> But I'm going to try and see if there are any short-term classes I can take for Fall Semester so I can come back around October again (repeat of last summer's situation).

I'll be working and exploring and studying and living in my favorite part of Fukuoka- Ijiri. Well, actually I'll just be living in Ijiri and everything else will be in Tenjin (downtown Fukuoka).

And of course there will be some Infinity and FuBar and Cream and other favorites I'll be visiting weekly :)


I'm 100% doing a year abroad after I transfer and I want to work/live in Japan after graduation so this internship is a perfect transition.

Life after high school is going perfectly for me and I've been so happy with everything lately.

By the way...Akanishi Jin is coming to LA for concerts on June 19th and 20th. I'm pretty much planning my trip to Japan so that I can see his June 19th show and then fly across the world the next day. Can't miss Akanishi. Hah! No really...can't miss this show...

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